1. empty-casket:

    Making magic with these beautiful Rainbow Mystic Quartz crystals💖🌈✨
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  2. twinzik:

    Becoming A Thornberry!

    More on our FB page- http://facebook.com/twinzik.twins

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  3. cybergata:

    Shironeko trying to stay awake for his photo shoot.

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  4. wizards-and-unicorns:

    I recently got some business cards printed for the Icon conference and wanted to share them. I’ve been doing a lot of digital lately at my studio gig and I normally just come home and want to draw and not look at a screen. So I think I was inspired to do something similar to what you see on my Instagram all the time. It was fun to do these spot illustrations and work with little compositions in that way. I’ll do more of these because I think it keeps me sharp! 

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  6. jacobvanloon:

    I’m introducing this new landscape series here at Tumblr. Landscape vignettes created in watercolor from memories of growing up in Wisconsin. 

    Summer Studio Sale

    These four new works, along with over 20 other pieces from my studio archives are now available at my webstore. Contact me here or by email with any questions: j@jacobvanloon.com

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  7. turian-chocolate:

    Hannibal Lecter + hair porn (stills edition)

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  8. deerjerk:

    Wolves for Schafmayer & Company in NYC. 2014

  9. uzlolzu:

    My process for all the paisley armchair pictures. I sometimes forgot to save iterations regularly, so they’re a bit uneven (especially the blue one).

    Sorted in the order they were made.

  10. staceythinx:

    Volume Rendering CT scans by voxel123 

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