1. Anonymous said: So I finally believe 99% people in this fandom didn't give a shit about Mads ' Hannibal. The only thing they agreed with Mads was when he said "Hannibal loves Will." I used to think this meta writer is hannigram shipper because she kept saying Hannibal needs Will so much but looks like she is just another fucking Will stan or nbchannibal people from IMDB who thinks that Mads needs some money to pay his debt and that's why he will never leave the show no matter how shitty the plot is.





    this fandom is the fucking pits. they treat Mads like crap, ignore anyone else in the show who isn’t Hugh Dancy. you’re only intelligent if you spend your time rambling about kissing the show’s ass, otherwise you’re just a mindless hater that knows nothing.

    it’s gotten so toxic and nasty and awful. soon enough it’ll just be a tiny isolated circle jerk with everyone patting themselves on the back for understanding the vision when no one else could.

    congrats on pushing more and more and more people away from this show with your shitty ass, holier-than-thou attitudes.

    NBC isn’t going to keep it on Sunday nights if we dip any fucking lower.

    Christ, no one hates Mads, no one even said anything bad about Mads to begin with. I am sorry, but really, really, not. Like, I don’t even necessarily agree or disagree with the core issue here, but I can guarantee that Bonearena has nothing but respect for Mads, she thinks he was wrong on this specific issue, maybe, but that’s no different than arguing about the jacket with Bryan. I have never seen anyone disrespect Mads for real, read, non imaginary, reasons. We all enjoy, respect, and treasure him, as much as Will/Hugh? Except Will fans also understand that Hannibal is a necessary part of Will’s character, the way some Hannibal fans can’t seem to grasp. They make a whole together, THAT HAS BEEN THE WHOLE POINT OF THE PAST COUPLE OF SEASONS. Hannibal is not undermined for Will, Will is not undermined for Hannibal, they simply work together and certainly no true fan, no one I have crossed paths with, would ever dream of treating Mads poorly. We all love them both, so far as I can tell, if the millions of hours blogging and discussing them are not evidence enough, I don’t know what is. No one thinks anyone is a mindless hater because they think the show is imperfect. But it’s not that people think the show is imperfect, it’s that they think it should just be something it completely isn’t. That is kind of problematic, but it’s fine, whatever anyone’s opinion is, they can have it. I think it is just the overwhelming opinion, that if you prefer book canon or movie canon, just go watch that, and leave TV canon to be what it is. It’s not like we don’t love it or anything, it’s not like it doesn’t mean something to us, just as it is. God forbid it doesn’t become exactly what any of the previous incarnations were. THE ONES THAT ALREADY EXIST.

    And holy hell, has there every been any fandom that has worked harder to get renewed? I don’t know where you were during the last hiatus, but certainly, major rallying happened, and without any advertising or network support, we kept up the same numbers as the year before, which is pretty fucking astounding. We did it completely on our own, it was like a second job. Holy crap, the ratings aren’t dipping, they’re as steady as we can keep them with 0 support of any kind except except ourselves and nbchannibal and the fucking great production team.

    The 99% of people don’t give a shit about Mads’s Hannibal, is so wrong, I do not even know where to begin. I think it’s actually the 1% of people who claim they do, but only ignore what is actually going on in the screen and claim they know best for him, how it could be done better, instead of how it’s actually being done, those are the people who don’t give a shit about him at all, and can only concern themselves with how he might have been or how he was previously in not Mads versions. 

    And hey guess what, Mads has said Hannibal loves Will, over and over and over again. I do not think his Hannibal (re: Mads’ Hannibal) would be very pleased with all the hate going on. He seems to think Will is pretty swell. 

    Tl;dr - wtf, everyone loves Mads, no one wants him to suffer, we all support him and respect him and want nothing but the best for him. 

    Good god is it wank-time during the HeAteUs again?

    I swear people start this shit to get attention because suddenly they’re not front and center. It’s like high school, good grief.

    With you all the way, Ro, people need to calm down, sit down, think about their words and then post them.

    the only people i see spreading toxic shit are people like this

    i think someone needs a mirror, if only so their bullshit can bounce back at them and stop making the fandom an unwelcoming place for everyone else

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    Phantom Manor is an attraction located in Frontierland at Disneyland Park in Disneyland Paris. Sharing a similar theme with the Haunted Mansion attractions at Disneyland, Magic Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland, it opened with Euro Disneyland on April 12, 1992. The attraction combines a walk-through portion with Omnimover vehicles called Doombuggies, and features special effects and Audio-Animatronics. This version of the popular Haunted Mansion rides has a different plot line which is similar to that of The Phantom of the Opera. It is also designed to be scarier and darker than the other Haunted Mansion rides. The ride also has a unique soundtrack not featured in the American and Japanese versions. Read More || Edit

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    Gravity Falls; Sock Opera Rough Designs

    Sorry for the delay, back from vacation.


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    Tom and ‘Rocco’ at “The Drop” New York Premiere at Sunshine Cinema on September 8, 2014 in New York City.

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    When I’m listening to Beyoncé in my car and one of my friends tells me to change it




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    Someone, for the love of god, make a dating sim


    i would play the shit out of that dating sim


    he can munch on my rug anytime


    what is happening

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