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    Available NOW!Because NBC seem to have a problem with advertising the show properly, I thought it was time to put some of the power back into the hands of the fans.

    Here therefore, is a small but hopefully effective pack which could help you take people from “huh, it’s about cannibalism” to Fully Fledged Fannibal in no time!

    The links on the materials are to pages on my blog which give info to help people get started on tumblr and twitter, get following the official accounts, cast and crew and quick links to advice pages.

    The pack is free except shipping!

    They include…

    1x instructions/advice page for you! 
    2x Wanted Posters 
    2x End Ravenstag Hunting Posters 
    4x Blood and Antlers by Freddie Lounds Leaflets 
    10x Hannibal Lecter Business Cards 
    1x “Ask me About Hannibal” Badge 

    I only have 50 to go out for free, it is one per person, if you attempt to buy more than one I will not refund your excess postage. 

    Thank you

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    "No no, stop. Go owl somewhere else."

    Looks like two witches familiars arguing about something



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    And then totally had sex on the dinner table

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    thank you MoMa!Bee for the amazing goodies (and the awesome birthday card oh my gosh!!!) <3 psst you lot should check out the shop where you can buy loads of cool stuff

    npmp ,thank you for loving it ,

    Happy birthday to you again (❀´∀`❀) 

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    but you ask yourself

    where is my mind

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    Mads Mikkelsen + black and white ♡.♡

    I love the photos that make him look like a fashion prince.

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    Mads in the Mukozuke making of documentary part II [part I]

    No words. Just dreams.

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    Mads in the Mukozuke Making Of documentary


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